The "Cardiac and Skeletal Myogenesis: Muscle Regeneration" research group, works at the University of Jaén, a young and a modern University within the south part of Spain.

      In our laboratory, we explore the cellular and molecular mechanisms of cardiac and skeletal muscle development, and how this knowledge may be used in muscle tissue repair.

     In the last years we have mainly focused on the role of a new group of molecules, microRNAs, during cardiac and skeletal muscle formation and how we can use these small molecules as new putative therapeutic tools for muscle diseases treatment and/or repair.    


     Recently, we have opened a new lab at Fundación Medina (Granada, Spain) which will let exploring new fields on drug treatment for cardiac and skeletal muscle pathology and regeneration. 

Figure. Differences in the architecture of the left ventricular 

conduction system, revealed by the GFP reporter gene, 

between Cx40GFP adult mice (A) and Cx40GFP-H05

(B), a murine transgenic model of Long QT Syndrome

(de la Rosa A et al, 2013).